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Hello, my name is Lieke, I am the founder of Vitonix. I practice Naturopathy and Medical Herbalism. For my clients there is a full herbal dispensary available to meet all your natural health needs.

What does a Naturopath / Medical Herbalist do? Well, we all work slightly differently, but the crux of it is that we pick up and work with health conditions that allopathic medicine has unsatisfactory results in.

Personally, I combine naturopathy with a slant towards genetics. This I believe specializes in holistic wellbeing at a core level.

By working with the cause of  presenting symptoms, we can create lasting results by simple changes to diet, lifestyle, exercise and with the help of herbal medicine.

Nutrigenomics is the art of turning on or dampening off genes that contribute to ill health. 

There are large volumes of research coming out in regards to how our genes behave to food and how nutrition affects our epigenetics.

The incorperation of nutrigenomics and herbal medicine heals via working not only with the condition but working upstream of the condition symptom picture.


Whether your children are constantly catching every cold, or the stress of everyday living needs uplifting, this approach to natural medicine offers long lasting strengthening of the body and works upstream of the symptom picture presented.

Lieke Bliekendaal is a professional member with the NZAMH (New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists) and the NZSN (New Zealand Society of Naturopaths)Both organisations are committed to quality assurance and public safety by maintaining the highest qualification and ethical standards.

All clients are made to feel welcome and are given advice and support in a down to earth, sustainable and easy to understand manner.

Vitonix prescribes products that offer professional therapeutic benefits. Having a full herbal dispensary, all herbal extracts and practitioner range supplements are obtained under strict GMP quality and manufacturing principles. This complies with both the New Zealand’s Ministry of health (Medsafe), and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).