Naturopaths, also known as natural health practitioners are trained health professionals. When you book in s/he will sit down with you and have a conversation about your goals and challenges. They will ask you pertinent questions about the functioning of each body system. This enabling us to look at how the body is working as a whole. From there we will be able to recommend lifestyle adjustments and individualised nutrition plan. If relevant to your case, vitamins, minerals, and herbs may be discussed. Herbs can be consumed either through the diet, tea, capsule or personal herbal extract formulation. Other modalities such as exercise, massage, homeopathy, Bach flowers and mindfulness techniques may also be recommended to assist the natural healing processes.

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Naturopathic treatment aims to enhance life force and vitality through lifestyle, herbal medicine, and nutritional counseling. Its intent is to educate and transform the individual into becoming more actively informed, in matters such as the role of diet, lifestyle, health and sickness.

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Naturopathy is both a system of natural medicine and a way of life. A primary principle of naturopathy is that no two people are alike and requirements to maintain health will differ from one person to the next. Considerations as age, ethnicity, family health history, genetics, occupation and presenting health symptoms will determine your individualised treatment.

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