Homeopathic Vaccination / Homeoprophylaxis

Homeoprophylaxis ( also termed homeopathic vaccination) is the use of a safe homeopathic medicine for disease prevention. HP has a long and successful history of use from 1798 till today. Homeoprophylaxis can provide support for parents and individuals who have chosen not to vaccinate via the standard injection program. It can also be useful for partially, and fully vaccinated children and individuals wishing extra protection or traveling. Homeoprophylaxis is used to strengthen the child’s immune system against commonly encountered childhood diseases.

Homeoprophylaxis uses homeopathic remedies called nosodes (prepared from disease germs) to educate the immune system towards the disease process. They are not intended to force antibody production, nor are they polluted with every other ingredient vaccines have.

The goal of HP is to introduce into the human system the energetic components (nosodes) of particular diseases in order to stimulate the immune system to produce immunity. Homeopathic Nosodes, such as the remedies included in the kit provided, are potentized preparations of the relative disease germ or human discharges produced in relationship to that particular germ. Upon repetition of the particular remedy a aspect of susceptibility to that disease has been fulfilled and susceptibility to the condition decreased. This is a similar philosophy to how the standard injection process works, however there are no adjuvents in HP nor is there a theoretical possibility of sheading and passing the condition on to susceptible others.

There is some research demonstrating that after completion of HP programs, blood titers demonstrate antibody levels indicating immunity. However, because HP is a vibrational medicine it does not always produce antibodies to the specific condition but still increases the level of protection for that condition that HP was taken. Antibody titers draws are not a required aspect of this program. However, if you are so inclined to determine your child’s immunity at any point during the program, they can be ordered under the care of your general practitioner.

No method of disease protection can be guaranteed 100% perfect. If your child is likely to be exposed to a definite source of infection to disease other than those listed in the Main Program then additional remedies may be required.

The Program s flexible. If you start late, give the remedies in the order shown, one remedy every month. If your child has already received some orthodox vaccines you can still use the program, although you may not need all the doses of the relevant remedies. Accordingly, the nosode of the previously vaccinated against disease may in fact help to clear any negative results of the vaccination and/or increase the efficacy of the partial vaccine series. All changes in program schedule should be noted on the Status Sheet.

The use of homoeoprophylaxis (HP) for both short-term and long-term protection as well as the philosophical basis of the method and a possible mechanism of action has been described in detail in books such as: Golden I (2012) The Complete Practitioner’s Manual of Homoeoprophylaxis. Isaac Golden Publications, Gisborne, Australia.,

Comparing HP with Traditional Vaccines

Both Vaccines and HP aim to prevent disease and both introduce a disease agent into the body with the intention to stimulate immunity prior to exposure to the disease.  But that is where the similarities end.

The following chart compares the typical Vaccine program to the HP program.



Contains a material dose, which means it has a live, attenuated or killed virus, bacteria or toxin in a crude dose.

Contains an energetic dose, which means the substances are potentized/diluted to reduce material dose but retain the memory of the disease or disease agent.

Contains “Adjuvants” to stimulate the immune response and also other additives which may include other viruses, human fetal tissue/DNA, animal byproducts, aluminum, msg, formaldehyde, and the list is long…

Nosodes are produced from pure viral/bacterial cultures or human discharge in response to the germs. These are then potentized/diluted to retain only a cellular memory of the condition provoking immunity bit reducing side-effects.

Vaccines contain preservatives, such as thimerosal, formaldehyde, aluminum.

There are no preservatives, adjuvants or other contaminants in homeopathic nosodes.

The germs and other ingredients are injected directly into the body, thereby bypassing peripheral immune systems.

Homeoprophylaxis is administered orally on sugar pellets.

Multiple diseases are introduced at the same time, which is an unnatural situation.

Single disease at a time.

An expectation of antibody production in immune systems that are too immature to produce antibodies (0 – 2 years).

From birth on, general immune system functions are active, and therefore responsive to general stimulation.

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Cost: $120 per 1 x 7 year program + consultation fee. Individual nosodes $25 each. (Prices include GST but not postage)