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“You Can Take Control of Your Health.”

It’s true you can’t change your genes but you can affect their expression and influence with the right nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices.

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Fitgenes Philosophy

Fitgenes focus is on the philosophy that your overall health, well-being, and performance are primarily determined by the basic building blocks of your body and the messages that your genes within these cells send. This is unique to you and is why Fitgenes works through degree qualified practitioners to deliver personalised and targeted healthcare programs that can unlock your health potential.

What benefit will I get from this investment?

This program is suited for those wanting to age gracefully in good health and vitality. It will also benefit couples looking for generational benefits, by enhancing the quality of your gene expression, your children will benefit from the results of your good choices.

The Fitgenes Genetic Wellness Profile Report has been designed to identify potential genetic variations. Knowing your genetic profile and what gene variants you have, arms with a very powerful tool for maximising your health potential. You will be able to change your health and minimise/prevent disease onset by targeted exercise, nutritional and lifestyle choices.

Lieke Bliekendaal your registered Naturopath, Medical herbalist and accredited Fitgenes practitioner will support you throughout the process. In order to do this, an initial naturopathic consultation must be purchased when purchasing in the Genetic Wellness Profile.

A common misconception is that our inherited genes determine our fate in life. In fact, research has shown that the body can repair DNA damage and improve the functioning of our genes. It is true that you cannot change your inherited genes HOWEVER you can compensate for their influence. It an be as simple as either turning certain gene variants on or off by optimal lifestyle and nutritional choices.

The education around making healthier choices for yourself provided within this program means maintenance of your new lifestyle and healthier choices is simplified and achievable for the long term.

 1.) Genetic Wellness Program – $499 NZ, + Inital naturopathic consultation $120 NZ

This program includes Saliva DNA test, TGA certified laboratory analysis, Initial consultation, Genetic profile report, and a follow up consultation, where we discuss specific aspects of your report and on-going support with wellness interventions. This follow-up consultation can be in clinic or via an online confrence platform.

The genetic wellness panel offers:

  • Insight on how your body deals with Inflammation and how these genes interact with each other. Inflammation is the main founder of disease. Natural management is key to graceful aging.

  • Cellular Defense and Detoxification – primary in keeping your cells healthy

  • Assessment of Homocysteine Metabolism and Methylation Gene Variants – relevant to numerous conditions such as autism, learning ability, mental health, hormone related conditions and later life influences such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Atherosclerosis which influences heart health.

  • Blood Pressure Regulation and Vascular Tone – effecting heart health and cholesterol regulation.

  • Fat Metabolism and Energy Production – understanding these genetic influences enables you to make the best choices around diet and exercise for successful weight loss and long-term weight maintenance.

  • Leptin Gene Variants – associated with appetite control, diabetes and insulin resistance.

  • Vitamin D Receptor Variants – associated with over 900 different enzymatic processes within the body ability including how vitamin D exerts its effect on target tissue such as bone, immune, skin, nervous, endothelial, hair follicle. Particularly important when assessing autism management, mental health, hormonal health and autoimmune conditions.


2.) AMY1 – Carbohydrate/Starch Tolerance Test $299 NZ

Includes DNA saliva test, TGA certified laboratory analysis, AMY1 polymorphism report.  One in clinic, or on-line follow up consultation. AMY 1 Starch tollerance test can only be completed with the purchase of a full initial naturopathic consultation.

What is AMY1?

AMY1 is a gene that produces the enzyme amylase. Amylase has a major role in the digestion of carbohydrates such as found in grains, legumes, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. It is primarily made in the pancreas and the glands found in the mouth that make saliva. 

Starch is the most common carbohydrate included in human diets – however, there is a considerable range of variation between cultures of dietary starch intake. Traditionally, “high starch” populations tended to be agricultural societies and arid region hunter-gathers, while “low starch” populations included rain forest and arctic hunter-gatherers and some pastoralists.

More recently, population shifts and cultural changes mean that links to traditional cultural diets have been distorted and it is common to have genetic variation among individuals in relation to AMY1 and starch metabolism regardless of cultural background.

How can I benefit from my AMY1 Report?

Knowledge of your personal AMY1 variation may assist in diet choices not only relating to gluten tolerance but also starch intake.

The AMY1 report will tell you exactly how many grams of carbohydrates you can eat before you start to gain weight or get undesirable affects such bloating, lethargy and other IBS related symptoms. We provide a detailed explaination on which carbs are the best and the worst for you.

Therefore, the AMY1 test is beneficial for anyone wanting to find out:

  • How their body metabolises carbohydrates

  • Anyone who is gluten intolerant or has celiacs disease

  • Anyone who has food sensitivities

  • Anyone with on-going fatigue, autoimmune conditions, or would like better control of their diabetes

  • Anyone who has dysbiosis, thrush, repeated urinary infections, or has periodontal (gum) disease.

  • Anyone who struggles with weight maintenance or

Already had your genetic profile taken but cant make sense of it? Get your 23andMe genetic profile converted into usable data highlighting cell defense mechanisms, Inflammation, Vitamin D receptor activity, Methylation and Homocysteine metabolism, Cardiovascular health, Fat and Cholesterol health. Reports the 58 functional genes in total. Price $259, plus usual initial naturopathic consultation price.

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