Dandelion Secret – Resolving The Need For A Holiday After The Holiday

Dandelions may well be the world’s most famous weed, whether you love him or love him not these simple and effective recipes may just be the trick to soothing digestive disturbances and supporting liver function.  So if you’ve given your body a bit of a hard time over the last few weeks …. and in need of a holiday after your holiday, then prepare these simple recipes below to revitalise and get your core body systems working effectively …

Dandelion Tea Recipe

Commonly used by the Native north American people to treat heartburn, constipation, stomach ache and as a general stomach tonic;

Boil a handful of flowers until the water turns yellow, leave it to steep overnight, and have first thing in the morning; continue treatment for one month.
Dandelion vinegar recipe

The aim of this vinegar is to make a bitter tonic that will stimulate digestive organs to produce more hydrochloric acid when taken 30 minutes before meals. being full of minerals, enzymes and amino acids, it will improve overall digestion, reduce bloating, flatulence and nausea after eating.


 – Large jar with lid

 – As many dandelions (root and leaves) as will fit in the jar. If available you may also add globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) leaves, ginger slices and a stem of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare ).

 – Organic raw cider vinegar


 – Thoroughly wash the dandelion leaves, and scrub the dandelion roots, then chop both into medium size pieces.

 – Stuff a large jar with as much dandelion as you can get in, or have to hand.

 – Next simply pour cold organic cider vinegar until the dandelions are covered.

 – Shake well, and leave in a cupboard for six weeks.

– You can leave it longer if you wish, then strain through an unbleached coffee filter into clean, sterilised jar/s.