5 Home Remedies To Balance The Indulgence Season

We all know that it’s good to ‘let our hair down’ every now & then and its definitely this time of year that we tend to let loose. Sneaky little indulgences creep onto our plates and into our glasses. If you’ve over done it then listed below are some powerful, ‘natural’ little ANTIDOTES, that can off set indulgence season.

Today we are going to concentrate on 5 spices that have a long historical background in Ayurvedic medicine:








Antidote to alcohol – chew ¼ cumin seeds or 1-2 cardamom seeds. As a daily routine add plenty of turmeric to the diet. Fresh turmeric is widely available in health food and organic shops, blend into smoothies, utilise in soups, stews and bone broths. Alternatively use powdered turmeric, by adding a few pinches into a glass of morning water. Turmeric negates the negative effects of alcohol on liver cells.

Antidote to black tea – ginger

Antidote to caffeine – nutmeg powder with cardamom, cardamom with cinnamon and ginger. However if this doesn’t work, then homeopathic Coffea Cruda is what is needed on the bedside table.

Antidote to chocolate – cardamom or cumin. The main culprit in chocolate is the milk solids so the darker the better for this little sneaky indulgence! Simmer cardamon pods in water, and drink as a tea. Cardamon will also settle the stomach after heavy ‘cheese’ dishes and other rich desserts.

Antidote  to car travel / motion sickness / nausea – Fresh Ginger. Take 1/4 teaspoon with a little lemon juice & pinch of salt every few hours. * For kids / adults who don’t like it fresh, you can use ‘Crystalised Ginger’, but don’t over do it with the ginger as ginger is heating!