Hello, my name is Lieke, I practice as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist. Based in West Auckland – Te Atatu where mineral therapy and a full herbal dispensary comes to life.

What does a Naturopath / Medical Herbalist do? Well, we all work slightly differently, I personally combine naturopathy with a slant towards genetics, specialising in holistic wellbeing at a core level. By working with the cause of a range of symptoms that typically present, we can create lasting results by simple changes to diet, lifestyle and exercise. Sometimes we may need to turn on or dampen off genes that contribute to ill health. I do this via a nutrigenomic approach. There is a large volume of research regarding how our genes behave to food and how nutrition affects our epigenetics.

The combination of nutrigenomics and herbal medicine heals via working not only with the condition, but working upstream of the condition symptom picture.

I believe this to be the health model of the future.

Lieke Bliekendaal is a fully qualified naturopath with a Bachelor in Natural Medicine from South Pacific college of Natural Medicine and registered with the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists (NZAMH) and New Zealand Society of Naturopaths (NZSN).

Vitonix combines traditional health promoting modalities such as nutritional and diet counseling, therapeutic massage, mineral therapy – which includes iridology and tongue/nail diagnosis, homeopathy, herbal medicine and lifestyle advice.



Lieke is a Fitgenes accredited practitioner providing genetic wellness profiles. These are founded on the science of nutrigenomics, and an understanding that overall health and wellbeing is determined at a cellular level. Personalised genetic profiling offers insight to how our body responds to diet, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

It’s true you can’t change your genes but you can affect their expression and influence with the right nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices.


Located in West Auckland, Te Atatu – Lieke’s focus is on herbal medicine. By combining traditional medicine alongside cutting edge scientific research you can truly take control of your health.


 Lieke Bliekendaal